About Newins

Newins owns and operates 90 retail, non-standard auto insurance locations through five states under multiple brands.  This breaks down into Illinois with 45 locations where we go to market as Illinois Vehicle Auto Insurance, Indiana with 5 locations where we go to market as Access Auto Insurance, Arizona with 8 locations, also as Access Auto Insurance, Texas with 18 locations under the name A Abana Auto Insurance, and Nevada with 12 locations under the name A Abana Auto Insurance.


Newins and its affiliates have been operating out of the Chicagoland area since the late 1970’s.  We focus on providing non-standard, state minimum limit insurance to predominantly Latino communities.  We have a neighborhood, community focus and enjoy the opportunity to give back to the communities that we serve by sponsoring youth sports organizations, and other community centric initiatives.


Our growth model is through acquiring other insurance agencies.  Historically we have done deals anywhere from one to twenty retail locations.  If you are an agency owner and are interested in getting a valuation please visit our acquisition page.